About Us

We have been into communication skills and PD training for more than 15 years every year hundreds of students are placed in  different companies having improved their command over english language.
Students who are trained by us have been placed in various companies they are successfully working in their field.
Even many of them share their experience and views about our institute in Google,  Facebook and other social networking sites.
Our Institute aims to develop students' ability to use English fluently in their personal , social and professional life. We not only improve communication skills and soft skills of students but also focus on overall development of their personality and presentation.
Key features :
1. Engages students in  meaningful communication through interactive tasks.
2. Provides tips to students to eliminate their fear and hesitation.
3. Prepares students for soft skills such as presentation skills,  group discussion  and debates.
4. Develops accuracy  appropriacy  and fluency in communication.
5. Encourages students through motivational lectures.

Our course will make student confident to use their English skills in a real life. Our module focuses on key aspects of Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening. The student will enhance communication skills:

-Bhatia Sir / Director of Bhatia English Class